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Frp Bypass Apk 2020 Latest Version Free Download

Frp Bypass Apk Download 2020 latest version for all Android devices From Download Button. Bypass any device from the Factory reset protection lock.

Most people don’t know the term “FRP lock.” For those who don’t know what it this term “FRP” stands for factory reset protection. This feature is for android devices that protect user data in the devices that have ever got factory reset.

Frp bypass apk download

This Frp Bypass Application is Recommended App For Users to Bypass Their devices. While They Got Stuck in This Factory Reset protection, this App Much Easier To Use for Bypassing Devices Like Samsung, LG, Sony, etc.

A few Years Ago, Android always Most Unsecured. But Android Developers make a try Shot. To make this Platform very smart safe and secure for Their User to give Better Experience.

In This Article, we will show you how to download Frp bypass Apk for Samsung and other Android devices.

Factory Reset Protection is a new feature that was recently launched in 2015 by Google for Android devices. Which running Android 5.0 Lolipop or later versions.

In any device, that setup google play store account and it got reset this FRP feature will be automatically activated. Now the things come up how you can go out of this FRP problem.

Now we have two ways to avoid this trouble. The first one makes sure you remember your Google Account you used in that device before resetting. Second one FRP Bypass Google Account App. Then this FRP app is convenient and useful to bypass this junk.

Some time to access apps and device data becomes the impossible task after hard reset are even soft reset of any android device. Due to forgetting the password of Google account and the SmartPhone or Tablets get locked WhatEver.

Sometimes Its Happens Because of Factory Reset Protection. That Google Corporates All Devices By FRP And Its Got Locked You Tablet Or Phone Due To FRP To Protect users Data From unapproved Accessing Information.

These Kinds Of Apps More Useful to protect User’s data. But sometimes they create more trouble non-techy people. While they reset their phone then they searching for a mobile flashing shop in the market or even searching how to get out of this headache. Because they don’t have access to their Google password.

Many People have Much Believe that “Bypassing FRP” Is Difficult Task Due To Forget Google Password. Read More About Custom Binary Blocked By FRP.


  1. For Performing This Method, We Will Need Your Android device USB Drive PC And OTG Cable. We Also Need To download Frp Bypass File To download From Given Link. For Installation make Sure To open unknown sources option from setting menu to install the application in your device.
  2. In This Case, We Need To Copy Our FRP BYPASS APK File to USB  Drive. Then Connect your USB Drive Via OTG Cable We already Mentioned that Earlier Then Reboot your device And Follow all the screen guidance of setup wizard until it becomes ends.
  3. Then file Explorer Will Open Automatically in your Device. Click on the file and install it in your device it wants some permission but doesn’t worry its an easy task open unknown sources option from setting and then you will be able to install the bypass File.
  4. This will clear out all personal information and downloaded applications from your Android device, allowing you to start from scratch and add a new Google account onto your device.
  5. One The Bypass Apk file Installed and Ready For Use Just Tap On It and Select Backup and Reset Option and the press Factory Data Reset Button and then hit the Erase Button.
  6. Your all personal information and downloaded data and application will Completly be Erased and then setup up your phone from scratch and then it depends up to you to use google account or not.
 Video Tutorial 

Method 1: Bypass Samsung Pangu

Method 2: Bypass Google Account Verification

Method 3: Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

Method 4: Custom Binary Blocked By Frp Lock

I hope You will Love Our Article Because We Share Frp Bypass Apk File With Full Using guide. If You Face Any Kind Error While Using This Frp Bypass Apk File Contact Us. Via Contact Us Page Or Just Write Your Querry In the Comment section. I Will Love To Answer Your Querry.

Bypass Samsung Pangu Apk Download Latest Version 2020

Bypass Samsung Pangu is a Tool to Solve FRP Issues in Samsung Smartphones. The solution, This FRP pangu App Is Made By Android Developers For Andoird User’s To  Bypass Or Remove FRP ISSUES.

bypass samsung pangu

Now here, we can also contact your device co-operation center, but let me tell you Right they won’t help you out Regarding. Reaching with the right Google Account Credentials, After that’s the only option which we Discuss here with you.

Luckily, we have accomplished to bypass FRP (Factory Reset Protection) from any Android device including Samsung Galaxy, HTC, Alcatel, Huawei, Google Pixel, LG, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, etc.

Nowadays Often Samsung users are Stuck in Frp Bypass Lock. The Searching For The Guide To Know About How To Bypass This FRP Lock To Get back Their Device Access Back. If You are one from them to look for a guide.

This security can be removed in 2 methods, first is clearly implementing the right Credential of previously submitted Google account. The 2nd One is to bypass FRP from android using Bypass Samsung Pangu Tool.

Then Don’t Worry Because We Explained Very Well In Our This Article To Get rid Out from This headache Situation. Yes, You hear Right. It’s Much Possible To Bypass Your Smartphone or tablet. You will need to Follow Our Guidance Very carefully step by step to bypass your device from the lock.

This FRP Is one the Best Feature to Keep You Samsung Device From Mobile Snatchers or Thieves. But what can we do in that case? When we are unable to access our device after performing the Factory Reset.

Then we have the availability of this fantastic application to get back access to our Samsung smartphone with the help of ( Bypass Samsung pangu ) App.

Samsung Pangu App File Information

File NameBypass Samsung Pangu
File Type.Apk
File Size3.6 MB
Last UpdatesApr 2020

We Can Easily Install Bypass Samsung Frp pangu In Our Samsung device. After installation, we can do the Next Procedure of Bypassing.


Well, Method of Installation of Bypass Samsung Application Is Much Easy and straightforward. There is no need to Make Any Difficult Process. Just follow our simple Given Below Step to bypass the lock. Let’s Divine To The Process. Check Another Fantastic Method Samsung Bypass Google Account Verification Apk.
  • First, download and Install Realterm in Pc to make a call.
  • Use the Red button to Cut the call and open any kind of Browser For the Downloading Process.
  • Download The Pangu File from the Download button and install it.
  • Launch The Bypass Samsung Pangu Tool.
  • Then Sign In any Google account In Browser.
  • at last, we need to reboot your device.
  • Now we are ready to Use Bypass Samsung Panu to Remove google verification Process.

Features of Samsung Pangu FRP Bypass

Let Check Some Samsung Pangu FRP Bypass App  Features. Which we Listed Below.

  • This Pangu FRP Bypass App Also Works on many other’s Devices.
  • It Most Simple to Download and Install.
  • Very secure and safe to use.
  • It’s work on Micromax, Lenovo, Motorola, MTK, SPD devices and Before Mentioned Devices As Well.
  • This FRP BYPASS APK removes the Lock-In any Samsung Devices.
  • Easy Availability.

Millions of Android User’s Using this Pangu FRP Bypass Google Account From worldwide. They didn’t Mention any Negative Feedback. We highly advise you to use the Bypass Samsung APK pangu app to get rid of the lock on Samsung devices.

As the different devices such as Samsung Galaxy S6, S7 Edge, J3, J5, J7, Note 5, Note7.1, Android Oreo 8.0 to 8.1 or higher does have this protection feature and can easily be used to exclude google account and deactivate FRP lock.

Read About:

Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock


I hope you would like our this post regarding Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk pangu. In this Submit we have tried to narrate All the Important Material to serve you about Bypass Samsung Pangu 2020 FRP Bypass APK. With this Guide, you may now have an App in your hands to unlock your Android Smartphone anytime without many Efforts. If You Feel Any Problem while applying this Method feel free to ask your question or share your thoughts so you can through the comment box. we will love to help you. Also, share this post with your friends so they can also solve their FRP Issues.

[Solved] How To Fix Custom Binary Blocked By Frp Lock

Complete Guide to How or Solution to Overcome / Fix Custom Binary Blocked FRP Lock Samsung – For Samsung smartphone users who like to customize the Android operating system, it may already be familiar if you get Custom Binary problems that are blocked by FRP Lock. But for new users, this might be something unnatural and often panic when they encounter this problem.

custom binary blocked by frp lock (1)

Custom Binary Blocked usually occurs because of the customization process carried out on a smartphone. For example, installing a custom TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project), rooting, and upgrading / downgrading / reinstalling the android rom. Then, how and why did this happen? In short, custom binaries are blocked due to OEM unlock in the Developer Options menu, which is inactive or inactive.

So that when finished customizing the Android OS and the OEM unlock position is not active, then the phone will not be able to enter the cwm/custom TWRP menu and even to open the main screen of the system. This is commonly called a boot loop (login stuck to the smartphone logo only).

So when you experience or find this on your Samsung smartphone, don’t panic yet. Because of all the problems, there must be a solution, so also the issues that occur on Samsung smartphones.

Well, here, Frp Bypass will describe briefly and clearly to solve Samsung’s Custom Binary Blocked FRP Lock problem. But before I go on, I need to remind my friend that if your smartphone is damage due to the information on this website, the admin/writer on the FRP Bypass Apk website is not responsible.

Fix Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock

To fix a custom binary blocked by merely installing a new ROM into the phone. Installation of this new ROM can be done in 2 ways.

Step 1: First, with flash/reinstall your Android ROM. For the tutorial, please open the article How to Flash / Reinstall Android ROM via the ODIN application.

Step 2: The second installation of new ROMs through the Samsung Kies 3 application. For the second way, this is what I will discuss on this occasion. For more details, please follow the steps below.

(1) Reinstall ROM / Firmware

  • One of the best ways to overcome Samsung’s Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock, is by flashing the firmware / Stock ROM again.
  • For the tutorial, I have discussed separately. Please open the Guide on How to Flash / Install Samsung Firmware / ROM Via ODIN.

(2) Through Samsung Kies

Step 1: Download Samsung USB Driver then installs it into the computer. And don’t forget to restart your computer shortly after the installation process is complete.

Step 2: Download the Samsung Kies3 application then install it into the computer. Once installed, run the application. Next, click on the ” Tools ” menu then select ” Firmware upgrade and Initialisation.”

custom binary blocked by frp step 1

Step 3: Enter the model number in the column provided. For example, the SM-J700F (for Samsung Galaxy J7), the SM-J500F (for Samsung Galaxy J5), or other Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK models.

Usually, for the model, we can get it in the box or in the smartphone itself, precisely under the battery. After entering the model number, then click OK.

Step 4: Enter the serial number code (S / N) again. For this code, you can find on the inside or the smartphone box. Usually, if you want to see it on the inside of the phone, we must first remove the back cover and remove the battery.

But not all serial numbers can be found in that section, depending on the smartphone model itself. What is clear, please look for the code number that reads S / N in front of it. After entering the serial number code, the next step is to click OK> OK.

Step 5: After the OK button is clicked on the Kies3 application, there will be a pop-up on the computer screen asking you to connect your cellphone to the computer. Now at this stage, please deactivate your Samsung cellphone then enter the Downloading Menu.

The trick is simply pressing the Home + Power + Volume Down simultaneously approximately 3-5 seconds. After that, continue by pressing the Volume Up button to continue or continue.

Step 6: Connect the smartphone to the computer via a USB cable. In this case, I suggest using an original cable so that the smartphone can be read correctly by the Kies3 application.

Step 7: Return to the computer. After the smartphone is fully connected to the network, the ” Start Upgrade ” button will automatically activate. Please click on the button to begin the installation process of the new Firmware / ROM and wait for the process to finish.

For the record, for this process, a connection to the internet is required. If it is not connected, then the process cannot be continued. Because the ROM firmware installation process will be done from the Samsung server via an internet connection.

Step 8: If the installation process runs correctly and successfully, then your smartphone will restart by itself and will go directly to the initial setup menu. The same list as when you first used the cellphone. Done.

The above method you can use for the following Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphone categories:

  1. Samsung Galaxy J Series = SM-J100H, SM-J120G, SM-J105F, SM-J110G, SM-J111F, SM-J106B, SM-J200G, SM-G532G, SM-J320G, SM-J500G, SM-J510FN, SM -J700F, SM-G610F, SM-J710FN, SM-J730G
  2. Samsung Galaxy A Series = SM-A320Y, SM-A300H, SM-A310F, SM-A500F, SM-A520F, SM-A510FD, SM-A710FD, SM-A720F, SM-A910F
  3. Samsung Galaxy E Series = SM-E500H, SM-E700H
  4. Samsung Galaxy S Series = SM-G920F, SM-G925F, SM-G9287C, SM-G930FD, SM-G935FD, SM-950FD, SM-955FD
  5. Samsung Galaxy Note Series = SM-N910H, SM-N9208
  6. Samsung Galaxy Tab Series = SM-P355, SM-T231, SM-T531, SM-T705, SM-T719Y, SM-T116NU, SM-T285, SM-T365, SM-T715Y, SM-T805, SM-T815Y, SM -T819Y, SM-T585Y, SM-T111

If it fails, what to do?

If the above process fails, there will be a message or notification from the Samsung Kies3 application. To overcome this, the following tips I can give.

  • Please read the steps carefully. Don’t miss anything.
  • Check your internet connection. Try at the time of installation, the link to the internet must be stable and not cut off.
  • Check the USB cable that you are using. If there is a problem with the USB cable, please replace it with another one.

Help and Suggestions

So that Custom Binary is no longer blocked, the way is effortless. Activate the “OEM Unlock” mode in the “Developer Option” menu. Here are the steps.

  • Enter the Settings menu. Then scroll down and find “Developer Options.” If this menu does not exist or is hidden, please follow the explanation below.
  • Find and open “About device / About cellphone.”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Software Info.”
  • Tap on the “Build Number” 5 to 7 times until a message says that the Developer Option is active.
  • Press the back button until the main settings menu. The friend will find the menu right in the second from the bottom.
  • Next, enter the Developer Options menu. Find and activate “OEM Unlock.”
  • Done

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Bypass Google Account Verification
Hopefully, the information How to Fix Samsung’s Custom Binary Blocked FRP Lock above can provide benefits to friends who need it. And if there are obstacles in applying the above, please leave a comment or contact the admin of this site. Thank you and best regards.

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK Download Latest Version

Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk Is a Tool. Which Designed Especially For Samsung Devices to Bypass Factory Reset Protection.

So You Want to know, How it Works For Bypassing Samsung google Factory Reset Protection. First You Must Know Factory Reset Option Comes in Every android device Built-in. Same Like There is a Security standard Feature Known As Factory Reset Protection.

Google Developed This Feature for All Latest Android Devices To Give better Security. This Factory Reset Protection Feature Also Helps a lot in Protecting User’s Private Data.

Just Imagine Your Android Device Stolen misplaced or You had Lost Your smartphone Somewhere. And Someone finds it tries to access your phone again and again and finally he’s Reset Your Phone. Then will Be Need of Google Account verification which accesses earlier in your smartphone.

If He/She Don’t Know Your Account Username and Passwords. Then won’t Be Able to Access Your Device. And Your All Personal/private date will be kept safe and secured. But what will you do in that’s a situation?

If You Factory Reset Your smartphones and You don’t remember Your Google Password. you are trying to access your Samsung device. So If Your Facing Situation Like That’s. Then You don’t Have Need to Worry about it. Because we are shared an Easy to Understand Solution For your Problem.

samsung bypass google verify apk


You Can Easily Download This Google Verify Frp Bypass Apk File From Below Given Download Button. Just Hit It.


As Per My Knowledge Mostly People are facing the same Issue Right Know, So I thought to share this Best Solution with You all. Because of it’s same happen with me some months ago and then I decided I will share this guide on the internet publicly.

This Method Help Me A lot and I Hope its Also Worked for you All. This Method Is Only For Samsung users if you want on other kinds of a device so let’s try but on your own risk.

To Start This Method Make Sure You have Three Things Which Listed Below
  • Pen Drive
  • OTG Cable
  • Laptop/Desktop Pc

And Also Download Samsung Bypass Google Account Verification Apk File From Top Download Button in Your Pc/Laptop.

  • Once The Download Completed Copy Your APK File to Pen drive from PC
  • Now restart your Bypass Samsung Pangu device, and follow all in the instruction of the wizard setup.
  • After Basic wizard setup completion, you will see a pop message. then You will need to enter your previous Google account username and password.
  • now Touch Your pen drive with Samsung device via OTG cable. Automatically you will see file explorer will be Open.
  • Now find Your Apk file in Explorer which we copied from Pc Earlier. And Tap On It.
  • You will get some warning messages on your screen but you don’t need to worry about it.
  • simple Go device security settings and enable Unknown Sources Option.
  • Tap On APK File Again And Installation will be started.
  • After Apk File Installed in Your Bypass Samsung Pangu device, Open It.
  • And there You will see Erased Option, Tap On It. Congo You are Done.

So This Is The Whole Method I Shared With You all. Now Just Restart Your Samsung Device and I Hope will not face any FRP Bypass Apk Issue anymore.

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Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock



In This Area, I Tried Some Frequently Asked Questions Answers.

Q.1: Samsung Bypass Apk compatible with All android devices?
  • Ans: No, Samsung Bypass Apk Is only compatible with Samsung Devices. You can Use This Samsung bypass APK ON any Samsung Devices without Any Worried.
Q.2  Does Samsung bypass google verify APK works only on Samsung devices?
  • Ans: Yes It’s Only Work on Samsung Devices. If You Want To Try with Others’ Company Android Devices So Try It but on Your own risk. Because We Mentioned its not compatible with other androids.
Q.3 How much time it will take to bypass FRP using Samsung bypass APK?
  • Ans: There Isn’t any Hard and fast rule that’s time taking But I think Hardly It’s will take 10 Minutes.
Q.4  Is There Any charges of This Samsung Bypass APK File?
  • Ans: No This APP Is Completly Free Of Cost and it does not have any kind of charges.
Q.5 Is This Samsung Bypass APK Is Safe Or Not?
  • Ans: Yes This Samsung Apk App Is Safe And Secure You Don’t Need To worry While Bypassing You Samsung Device.
This Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk Article, We shared The Complete and step By Step Data of the Whole Process. So Now I am Pretty Much sure You will Be able To Bypass Any Samsung Google Bypass Account Is Very Easy For You. If You Like our Article Then Share Our article and also Share Your Best Thoughts In Comments Section.

Easy Way To Bypass Google Account Verification Apk Download

If You Are Looking For How To Bypass Google Account Verification? We Cover in depth All Kinds Of the Brands FRP Verification Like Samsung, Htc, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Oppo, Qmobile, Vivo, etc.

How to Bypass Google Account Verification FRP in Samsung, Huawei, LG

Along with the Lollipop 5.1 Android update, Google was used as a new security feature. If you’ve forgotten your phone’s password and rescheduled your phone or flashed your phone, phones like Samsung will ask you to enter your previous Gmail account information until you enter it. You can’t use the phone.

In fact, the purpose of such a design is to protect your data, but sometimes it can cause serious problems if you forget your Gmail information you can’t use your phone anymore and this problem is a bit more acute on phones like the Samsung Pro. Is. You can bypass your Gmail information to solve a Google Account problem after flash, which can be simple or difficult depending on your phone model. Mostly people using BYPASS SAMSUNG PANGU.

Bypass Google Account Verification

What’s the problem with a Google Account on Android?

When you reset your phone to an invoice or flash you need to select the language of your phone and connect to an Internet connection other than your SIM card and enter your Gmail information.

If you do not have this information, the Next button will be disabled for you and you will not be able to do the rest of your phone settings. You can see this problem in the image below. We’ve already taught you how to troubleshoot and reboot your Android phone and tablet in Frp Bypass, and you’ll learn how to delete Google Accounts on Android 2, 4, and more.

How to prevent a Google Account Problem

The best thing you can do to avoid having a Google Account on Android is to delete your Google Account ( Gmail ) before resetting or flashing your phone. To do so, go to Settings> Accounts> Google and type in your account. Here you will see three vertical line icons, select it and tap Remove.

In addition, try the 6 removals and recovery Password and Pattern forgotten the lock screen Android and password to unlock your phone and if the information your Gmail Lost 9 of password recovery Gmail phone number and without number use do.

Solve Google Account Problem in Samsung without OTG Cable

Wait for the phone to reboot after the reset, select the phone language. Connect to WiFi. On the next page you will be asked for Google Account Information If you do not know your account information, type in the text field and hold the @ character to display the Settings popup menu. Select Google Keyboard Settings, tap on Three Dots or More. Select the Help & Feedback item.

bypass google account samsung step 1

From the Help section, tap Using Google Keyboard. Hold this piece of text for a long time and tap Websearch in the upper right corner. The search field appears. Clear the text in this field and type Settings.

bypass google account samsung step 2

Scroll down and tap About Phone. Enter the menu and tap Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options. Go back to the previous menu and open Developer Option. Allow OEM Unlocking and double-tap on Back. Restart your device.

Reconnect to WiFi. You will no longer be prompted to enter the previous Google Account and you will be asked to add a new Google Account. This way you do not need accessories such as the OTG cable, but if the issue persists, use the last method of this post. Read More about Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk.

Fix Bypass Google Account Verification After LG Reset

To fix your Google Account problem after resetting your LG handset, first, connect the phone to the WiFi network. Return to the Welcome screen and tap on Accessibility. From this new menu, tap Vision and enable Text-to-speech Output.

bypass google account LG 1

Tap the gear icon and select Google Text-to-speech Engine. Setting for Google Text-to-speech Engine. Here you have to view the Feedback menu, tap on it to bring up a new submenu. Tap on the Terms of Service.

bypass google account LG 2

Then a Google Chrome window will open. When prompted to Sign In, select the No, Thanks button. You will be redirected to the Terms of Service page. Type the Google logo and type Test in the search bar.

The first search result will be Wikipedia. For a long time, press the description below to display a menu with two Copy and Share options as well as three vertical dots. Tap on three dots, in the new menu you will see three options Select all, Web search and Assist that you have to select Assist.

bypass google account LG 3

Where you are asked to Sign In, select No, Thanks. In the search bar, type Settings and open it. After entering settings, tap Apps then select three vertical dots and select Show System from the menu. You will see a list of all system programs. Look for the Setup Wizard in this list and select it.

bypass google account LG 4

Press Force Stop and then OK. In the Setup Wizard menu, tap Storage to view Clear Cache and select it. Double-click the Back key to return to the list of programs. Tap Google Play services here. Repeat the steps above and hit the Force Stop and Disable buttons.

bypass google account LG 5

Return to the settings menu using the Back key. Restart your phone. After restarting your phone’s sand you need to make the initial settings. Tap Next without connecting the phone to the WiFi network.

Then try Skip. If there is a WiFi connection in your phone, tap it for a while and then select Forget Network and then Next. Tap Skip to see Protect this Device, deselect it.

Then skip all pages until you see Google Terms. Select I agree and tap on Done. Again make sure you are not connected to WiFi Now go to Settings> General> Backup & Reset and select Factory data reset. Go to Reset Phone> Delete all> Reset.

Fixed Bypass Google Account Verification Problem After HTC Flash

To solve a Google Account problem after the HTC Factor Reset, first, select the language you want after the reset and tap Start. Connect to the WiFi network and tap Next.

When you reach the Google Account Confirmation page, tap the Email / Phone field. You will be shown a keypad to press its settings key to open the HTC Sense Input Settings page. Tap Personal Dictionary here, then hold HTCVR for a long time and select Share.

bypass google account HTC 1

You’ll see sharing options, hold the Gmail icon for a long time to open the App info page. Select Notifications and then App Settings. Tap on the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and select Manage Accounts. The pop-up message will appear and select Continue.

bypass google account HTC 2

You should be directed to the phone’s settings menu. Scroll down and select Google. From the Google menu, tap Search and Now, then select Now Cards and enable How Cards. On the next page, select No, Thanks. Type Google in the search bar and select the first link that appears. When No, Thanks again, when the page opens. You are now redirected to Google Search.

bypass google account HTC 3

Type in Google search, and then select the first result that is Google Home. Select the No, Thank you button. Search for Quick ShortcutMaker and choose the second link to download APK from APK 2.0. Go back after downloading the file until you can enable Show Cards. Select No, Thanks again. In the search box, type Downloads to access the folder where the app is stored.

Find and install the app. If the phone tells you that it was blocked for security reasons, tap Settings and select Unknown Sources in the pop-up window and click OK. Now try reinstalling the program.

bypass google account HTC 4

When you’re done installing, select Open and browse for Google Account Manager and tap. Tap Try, then choose Three Points, then Browser Sign-in and OK.

Enter new Google Account information. Restart the phone. Now go to Settings> Backup & reset and reset the information. What about Softphone or Hard Disk? Know more.

Solving Google Account Problem After Factor Reset Huawei, Lenovo, etc  With OTG Cable

This way you’ll need an OTG cable, a flash drive, an Frp bypass apk program, and a strong internet connection to fix your Google Account after reset. After you download the FRP bypass apk program, copy it to your flash memory. Restart your phone and select English and tap Next.

Ignore the SIM card insertion screen and then connect the phone to the WiFi network. I understand and agree to the terms and conditions above as well as No thanks and then click Next.

On the page, you need to confirm your Google Account you will be greeted with a message like This device was reset. To continue, you will see a Google Account that was previously synced to this device.

Connect the OTG cable here and plug in the flash memory File manager will appear on the phone screen in a few moments. In the Niger file, you should see the Bypass Any Samsung Account Lock folder and tap on it.

You should now see both the Guide.txt and Bypass Any Samsung Account Lock.apk files to choose Bypass Any Samsung Account Lock.apk.

If you see an Install Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock message, tap the Settings button and select Unknown sources on the next page. On the page that appears, select Allow this installation only and click OK. Now go to the Development Settings page, tap Install and select Open when you’re done.

Now go to the Settings menu and select Backup and Reset. Go to Factory data reset and select the Erase everything button. It restarts after the phone has been erased. Remove the OTG cable and make adjustments Now the problem with your Google Account should be resolved after your reset.