How To Frp Bypass Any Android 2021 (100% Working Latest Methods)

Frp lock bypass

Hi Friends, If you’re looking for how to bypass Google Account Verification or Frp Bypass, then you’re in the right place.

We know you’re having trouble accessing your mobile phone, and that’s frustrating. You will be guided through the entire process for bypassing Google account verification. Therefore, let’s get started. It is going to be helpful to Samsung devices and LG device users.

If you see “This device was reset.” To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device”. There might be a chance that you forgot Google ID or the Password, or you may have purchased a Refurbished Smartphone.

Frp Bypass Latest Methods 2021


1.Forgot your Google ID or Password

Your phone might need a wipe or hard reset if you lose your Device Password. Resetting your phone won’t fix the problem. There is a genuine issue regarding the Google account. It’s okay if you can’t remember your Google ID or password.

Whenever you reset your device, you must sign into your google account by connecting it to a wifi network. Unfortunately, you lost your login credentials to your Google account and you are not permitted to use your device by Google.

The Google account information you previously saved on your device was saved when you reset your device, so you have to sign in to the Google account you previously used.

2. Purchased a Refurbished Smartphone

It’s also possible to get this error when you buy a Refurbished phone. You can get a great deal on a refurbished phone if you buy it used, but my friend reports a disappointing experience with a refurbished phone made of Android. Read About Custom Binary Blocked By Frp Lock

During college, I bought a cellphone from a friend. When we came home with the phone, I Hard Reset it since he does not want to have his friend’s data in the phone.

It all went smoothly but when he was asked for his Google login information, he entered his Google email and password, which caused him to become very upset especially when he saw the FRP BYPASS message. “This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device”.

How Do I Know About This FRP Bypass Method

Because I forgot my device pattern lock and google id a few months ago, I know how to bypass FRP on Android smartphones. I chose to hard reset my device when I forgot my password.

I have erased my phone’s data, however, when I attempted to sign in to google using another Google ID, it did not work.

Hence, I examined the internet extensively. After a whole day of research, I discovered this method. My device had an Android 6.0 or 7 OS version at the time, so this method didn’t work for me at the time. As such, I must find another way to bypass the frp lock.

I couldn’t find any solution to this problem, so I thought about it at night. After that, I thought it would be wise to flash a version of Android 5 older than Android 5.1 on my Samsung j5 prime.

Then I downloaded Samsung J5 Prime Android 5.0 firmware and flashed it using Odin software.

Using this method, I was able to access my device after flashing my device. That method worked very smoothly on my device. The FRP BYPASS was successful. Check Frp Bypass Tools

How To FRP Bypass Easy Methods

Step 1. Restart the device by pressing and holding the Power key.

press and hold power button

Step 2. Upon seeing the WELCOME screen, you should click the start button to proceed.

Welcome screen

Step 3. You will see the WiFi screen here. You can use your phone’s WiFi or the internet connection on your family members’ phone and connect your phone via the Hot Spot.

Select Wifi

The wifi’s turned off on your phone? Toggle on the button shown next to the off text and it’ll turn it back on. Click Next once you’re connected with a hotspot.

Step 4. You must open the Google TalkBack application when your phone is connected to a wi-fi network. Just continue pressing the phone’s home button continuously for five to six times.

tap to open talkback

tap to open talkback

Once the Google Talkback screen appears on your phone, and you hear the talkback sound, you can stop.

Step 5. A “L” shape must be drawn anywhere on the TalkBack application screen using Finger Gestures.

To open the talkback settings menu, you have to double tap the option twice. In the picture below, you can see the steps to open it.

make L on screen

make L on screen

Step 6. You can scroll up and down the Talkback settings by tapping on the phone’s home button four or five times until you can find it.

The Google Talkback will also stop the speaking women’s voice.

turn off talkback

Step 7. You now need to choose the Help and Feedback option.

tab help and feed back

Step 8. You can now search Voice in the search bar by pressing the search icon next to HELP text.

search voice
Step 9. You must now select the option of “Use Voice Access Commands”.

select voice acces command
Step 10. You’ll have to select “Get started with Voice Access” when the “Use Voice Access Commands” screen appears.

click get started

Step 11. Click on the Youtube video to play it.

click play youtube video

When it starts playing video,

click getting started link

Step 12. It says getting started with voice access on the top of the video when you click the link on top of it.

Step 13. Once you have reached the Youtube App, stop your video and select the Profile Button showing atop this app. Now click the back arrow button, which will take you back to the Youtube App start page.

click profile youtube

Step 14. To proceed with this step, you need to click the Terms and Privacy Policy option.

click terms and privacy

Step 15. You should now see the Terms & Privacy Policy Link in your Android Internet Browser.

Install Quick Shortcut Maker, an app that can remove access to Google accounts from your device. Now click on the address bar and type in

Step 16. The MediaFire website will open after you enter this URL

Step 17. Check Your ip address is this correct Download a quick shortcut maker app on your smartphone by clicking on the Download button.

After the download is completed, tap the “Open” icon in the notification bar or on the bottom of the screen.

The Apk file will open in a new window stating it’s from an Unknown Source. If you want to install the program, click on Allow this installation only or open your security settings and you will see Unknown sources.

unknown source

When you have finished the installation process, click on open to start this app.

Step 18. After that, search settings, then select settings option.

software information

Now hit the button below and you’ll get a menu, then select Try. This will take you to the phone’s settings page. Scroll down and click About phone, then you can find the software information in that section by clicking it.

build number

Step 19. Look for the Build Number and tap on it 4 to 5 times until the message “Now you are a Developer” is displayed.

Step 20. After that click the back button until you see Quick Shortcut Maker. Now search the extensions one by one.

Try clicking on any of the browsers until you find one that you want and click on it and it will open.

open chrome

Step 21. It is now time to download the Google Account Manager apk file, search in the browser address bar or search bar.

You can go to the following link to download google account manager apk, click on the first link (Apkmirror), and scroll down and select apk version 6.0.1.

When google account manager 6.0.1 does not work then you can try apk versions from 5 through 7 or the latest versions.

Install the application when it is complete. If you are prompted with an unknown source error, select Allow.

google account maneger installing

Step 22. After that you look for a quick shortcut maker app by pressing the back button again.

Step 23. Now type Google account manager into the search box and it will show up in the result list.

Choose Google Account Manager and you will receive a pop-up menu containing more options of Google Account Manager.

open google account maneger

Step 24. Type your email and password and click on “Try it”.

google account manegerset

Step 25. A new page will open where you can enter your password again. Click the three dots on the top right side of the phone screen and select browser and sign in.

browser sign-in

Step 26. Whenever you click this, the Google account manager will appear in a browser.

Step 27. Next, enter your email ID and click Next, and then enter your password. Once this is done, your Google id will begin signing in.

Step 28. A shortcut maker app will appear after the browser automatically stops.

Step 29. Hold the Power button down and select Restart.

restart device

  • Please wait until your phone restarts.
  • You will now see the Welcome screen, just click next.
  • Please connect your phone to wifi and press the next button.
  • Just enter the user and password in the google sign-in page, and you should be able to access your device.

I’m hoping that you will find this method to be useful and able to get yourself back in contact with your device. This works for Android 5.0 and Android 7.0.Easy Download Frp Bypass Apk

How can you avoid this from happening?

Everyone can be affected by this error message. The only way to do anything is to obey the following steps:

  • Be sure to remember your google id before resetting your device.
  • Write down your Google id before flashing your device.
  • Buy a used phone only if the person from whom you will be purchasing the device was not logged in with his google id in it.
  • Make sure you have a simple Google username and password so that you never forget it.